My Talking Pet App Reviews

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Well worth A Toonie

Good laughs ! Easy to use GUI


Hilarious, cute and fun

So fun

I love this app! Its hilarious! Very entertaining.

Tons of fun!!

Ive had this app for over a year now and it never gets old. Always lots of fun!! Works well :)

Exactly what I was looking for

Perfect for making messages to kids from animals!


Hilarious and would definitely recommend it! Worth the money!

Lots of fun

No issues and can be used on any face, animal or human!

Try it.

Simple and hilarious!

Best App Ever

Who wouldnt love their pet singing Happy Birthday to them! Get the App - youll love it!!!


Too funny.

Fun little app

Fun and can be for more than pets!! (Only thing, it would be nice to be able to save to look at later, rather than having to send it to save it.)

Worth a laugh

Fun and easy to use

Great App!!

This is a great app to make anyone or anything talk. Wish there was a way to save projects on the app though.... But super app!

My talking pet app

You can have lots of fun with this app!

Love it

Love this app. It is a lot of fun and easy

Fun App

Since last update of February 8-2017 it crashes quite a bit. Otherwise fun to use on occasion


This used to be a good app!!! Every time I load a pic and finish where the mouth will move, it loads then the site dies and goes back to my home screen!!!! So sad!!!! Loved this site!!! ? Bye bye my Talking pet!!!!

I enjoy the app MyTalkingPet

I truly enjoy the app MyTalkingPet. We are having so much fun with this app. The only thing I wish you guys could change is that we could talk a little bit longer than 60 seconds. I really believe if you could set this to a longer time limit more people would download the app. Weve had so much fun with this and laugh over this app, that people are constantly what app is this

Bring back the high pitch tone

Love this app. Makes me and my friends and family laugh for hours. I was disappointed to find that the tones had been changed. I need the high pitch tone back- it was the cutest and suited my yorkie the best. Please bring it back! Ps love the new modes!

My talking pet

I wouldnt recommend buying it. Waste of money. Its cute for about a min/ couple of pictures then youll never use the app again.

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